Steam Cleaning Carpets

Steam cleaning – technically called hot water extraction cleaning – is the most common way to get carpets clean. This process uses extremely hot, high pressure water – as high as 190 degrees – to wash dirt and grime out of carpet fibers and then sucks out the dirty water out, leaving behind a clean, disinfected carpet behind. When steam cleaning, cleaning solutions, soaps, and de-odorizing additives are frequently added to the water to enhance the cleaning power of this process. While steam cleaning is pretty effective without any additives, these mixtures ensure even better results for your Chicago rugs and carpets. Be sure to ask if there are any up-charges for these solutions – some cleaners take and “all-inclusive” approach, others charge for every additional option beyond water, and other still are somewhere in-between.


The most common drawback is the long drying time. Depending on the power of the suction of the extraction process, your carpets may be damp for hours to days. This will also depend on the temperature and humidity inside.

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