Top Chicago Carpet Cleaning Companies

There are nearly 1,000 carpet cleaners in the Chicago area – how do you know which one to pick? Our guide to these companies will help you choose a quality local service.

Probably the most commonly encountered carpet cleaning service is a steam cleaner – these use hot, pressurized water to essentially wash in place your carpets. There are two types of systems available for this – truck mounted and portable. Truck mounts are typically more powerful as they are powered directly by a large vehicle engine (or less commonly a generator.) However, they can’t be used on anything more than about 3 stories, and the spaces being cleaned must be with a certain distance of where the vehicle is parked. Portable machines are, of course, portable. However, they typically need to be transported by an elevator to get away from the first floor.

The other common service is “dry” carpet cleaning. The most common complaint about steam cleaning is the carpets tend to stay damp for a day or more. Dry carpet cleaning uses more cleaning agents and less water to get a good cleaning of the carpet with significantly less water used.

There are dozens of carpet cleaners serving the Chicago area, and most are highly reputable – though certainly not all. We’ll help you find the service company that will get your home or office cleaned at affordable, reasonable rates.